"Lost and Forgotten Items"
international shipping service

With our search & shipping service you can get back your lost or forgotten items in Japan

Camera? Smartphone? What did you forget in your trip in Japan?

It is not a dream that you can get it back!

Japan is famous worldwide for lost items to be found at a higher rates. We are helping the foreign tourists after returning back to their country to deliver their important lost or forgotten items.

First, sign up for free and register your lost/forgotten item in our system.


Registration process

1. Become a member by signing up with no charge

2. Lost property report (for submission to the police station): JPY 1,000 per 1 item,

Lost property registration & registration on a search site JPY 1,000 per 1 item. ※Should be in Japanese. ※Translation service (English to Japanese) is available for extra JPY 2,000.

More detail

Date and time of loss, location in details, property in details (shape, size, color, quantity, weight, design, material and other particulars)

3. A power of attorney and ID (passport etc.) is necessary.

4. If the lost item is found, we contact you by email regarding the shipping cost etc. (Confirmation of the lost property: JPY 5,000 per 1 time)

5. After confirming the payment by credit card or PayPal, we will send the item by international mail. ※Please be aware that some items like precious metals, lithium batteries and others cannot be accepted for shipping.

Lost property report

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Price list

Confirmation of the found item: additional JPY 3,000~ (additional expenses for the transfer to the place where the item was found may be charged) Commission + domestic/internattional shipping fee will be charged.
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